Ekologiskt vegetariskt pålägg på tub

Organic Vegetarian Pate with Mushrooms, 200 g

Purely vegetarian pâté based on nutritional yeast, on non-hydrogenated fats and oils and exquisite ingredients, such as herbs, spices or vegetables. Tartex organic vegetarian pâtés are delicious on crackers, toast and as sandwich filler.

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Nutritional yeast*, mushrooms* (24%), drinking water, coconut oil*, sunflower oil*, potato starch*, sea salt, lemon juice*, yeast extract*. *organically grown

*= ingredients from organic farming

Nutritional values & analytical results per 100 g

Energy in kJ / 100 g or 100 ml963 kJ / 233 kcal
Fat19,5 g
of which saturates10,0 g
Carbohydrates9,0 g
of which sugars0,5 g
Protein3,8 g
Salt1,5 g
determining the nutritional values byanalysis

Allergen Information

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